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CenterX assembled as a group of e-prescribing experts sharing a passion for adherence.

Each member of our team served in the HIT industry in some capacity; many of us developed, implemented, and optimized the world’s most used e-prescribing application.  Some of us worked for software vendors while others provided front-line support for the doctors and pharmacists who blazed e-prescribing trails over the past two decades. Together, our individual experiences formed a vision for a nation-wide e-prescribing network focused on improving healthcare outcomes. Since our founding in 2009, our vision motivated us to establish a network that fosters communication and coordination among doctors, pharmacists, and health plans so that patients might comfortably and confidently adhere to prescription therapy plans. Our individual professional experiences formed our shared vision for a better e-prescribing network.  Our vision for a network centered on healthcare outcomes engendered our shared passion for medication adherence.

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