Why Choose CenterX

Our strict focus on adherence makes us a unique partner as we bring benefits to our clients that no other e-prescribing network offers.


Many companies offer products designed to address adherence. But to successfully improve adherence, healthcare providers must remove a series of obstacles from the patient’s prescription therapy path. Many of the adherence-based products address one obstacle only to deliver patients to the next pitfall that prevents adherence for a net-zero or insignificant boost in adherence rates. We developed our e-prescribing network to address many of the adherence pitfalls and successfully increase adherence rates by as much as 30% for our clients. When our partners fully implement our solution set, they unlock three key benefits that only CenterX provides; three benefits that combine to transform adherence from an ideal into a reality.

The CenterX path to adherence involves these three benefits:

Active, Complete Medication Profiles

Our medication profile tracks patient adherence in real time so care teams can respond quickly and intervene to keep patients on track.

Accurate, Timely Benefit Information

We give doctors out-of-pocket cost information so that patients leave the office with accurate knowledge and confidence in their prescription therapy plan.

Accelerated, EMR-Based Enterprise Medication Authorization

By integrating Enterprise Medication Authorization processing at the doctors’ offices, we can ensure timely access to the most critical medications and empower patients to be adherent.

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