Advanced e-prescribing

CenterX strives to improve healthcare by providing advanced e-prescribing technologies that increase medication adherence to prescription drug therapies.

Adherence is low

Improving Adherence

1 in 3 patients do not pick up their prescriptions

  • The most optimistic studies estimate that the national medication adherence rate might be pushing 60%.
  • CenterX believes we can aggressively pursue better medication adherence.

Improving adherence makes patients healthier and improves healthcare value

  • Non-adherence contributes significantly to hospital readmission and chronic disease progression.
  • Scripts abandoned after purchase contribute to significant financial waste in healthcare.

Professionals do not have all of the tools necessary to improve adherence

  • The established e-prescribing technology market focuses on marginal, bandwidth-based profits–not on adherence.
  • As it is today, healthcare professionals have very powerful software without a modern, reliable e-prescribing network to support medication adherence.

CenterX offers the easiest way for integrated healthcare systems to improve meidcation adherence

CenterX delivers the only e-prescribing network established specifically to improve medication adherence. Just by joining their existing enterprise HIT systems to our comprehensive e-prescribing network, our clients boost adherence to rates better than 90%.

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