Electronic Prior Authorization

Electronic Prior Authorization – saving time for patients and providers

CenterX’s Electronic Prior Authorization solution streamlines the electronic prior authorization process, saving time, money and reduces script abandonment.

Here are a few ways our Electronic Prior Authorization tool can help your organization:


Time Savings

  • Electronic Prior Authorization reduces fax and phone volume for providers, health plans, and patients.
  • Decreases electronic prior authorization turn-around time by 90% or more per electronic prior authorization request.
  • Improves patient experience thereby improving adherence by as much as 30%.
  • Saves clinicians time by identifying, capturing, and automating the electronic prior authorization process in your EMR – before the patient leaves the office.
  • Integrates EMR data into electronic prior authorization requests to eliminate errors and duplicate effort.

Seamless EMR integration

  • Pre-populates forms with data from the EMR
  • Arms providers with information to help alert patients when an electronic prior authorization is needed at the point of care
  • Eliminates electronic prior authorization requests with missing required information

Integration with your patient portal

  • Integrates with your Patient Portal to allow doctors to notify the patient an electronic prior authorization was approved and the patient can now pick up their prescription at the pharmacy

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