About Us

CenterX assembled as a group of e-prescribing experts committed to reducing complexity within health systems and improving provider and patient experience.

CenterX was founded in 2009 with our team's deep EMR development experience and a vision to establish a network that improves communication and coordination among doctors, pharmacists, and health plans so that patients could better adhere to prescription therapy plans. 

Each member of our development team served in the HIT industry in some capacity. Many of us developed, implemented, and optimized the Epic EHR.  Some of us worked for software vendors, while others provided front-line support for the doctors and pharmacists who blazed e-prescribing trails over the past two decades. 

CenterX continues to innovate new ways to help health systems effectively access and use data to improve outcomes for every patient, every time.

Learn more about CenterX.

Learn more about CenterX

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