Our Story

We are a group of e-prescribing experts sharing a passion for helping people receive the medications they need.

We’re experts in healthcare technology. We’ve developed, implemented and optimized the world’s most used e-prescribing application. Some of us worked for software vendors while others provided front-line support for the doctors and pharmacists who blazed e-prescribing trails over the past two decades.

Together, our experiences form a vision for improving health outcomes through price and coverage transparency at the point of prescribing.


It’s time for a network that fosters communication and coordination among doctors, pharmacists, and health plans.


It’s time for prescribers to be able to consider factors like patient out-of-pocket costs when delivering care.


It’s time for patients to be able to adhere to prescribed therapies with confidence they are receiving the right drug at an affordable price.


It’s time for CenterX.

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