January 20, 2022 - January 20, 2022

Wisconsin Epic User Group Partner Led Virtual Session

Reliable Prescription Benefit Information at the Point of Care: One Health System’s Approach to the Challenges and Opportunities of Prescription Decision Support  

Jon Wybo, PharmD/MBA, Senior System Architect at Spectrum Health

Many organizations strategically focus on improving their patients’ financial experience, including making the cost and available options for prescribed medication therapies more transparent. These organizations have added a real-time prescription benefit (RTPB) network to the Epic EHR to give providers access to patient prescription cost and benefit information at the point of care. However, many health systems report that prescription cost and coverage information is missing for many patients—or the information that is provided from their RTPB network is unreliable or not useful.

Jon Wybo, Senior System Architect at Spectrum Health, will discuss how Spectrum is addressing patient prescription information data gaps and data integrity issues. You will learn about the improvements that help providers have more meaningful patient conversations about medication therapies, both from a financial and a clinical perspective.

  • Jon will review considerations that you should take into account about RTPB, including:
    The limitations of having a single vendor RTPB network and of depending on formulary and benefit (F&B) files as sources for prescription information—including the impact eligibility verification has on data requests
  • The advantages of using a multi-vendor network to reduce data gaps and improve data integrity—including suppressing clinically inappropriate options and managing the data that is displayed so it is useful to providers
  • Future enhancements possible with RTPB, such as a new user interface, reporting on provider adoption, and the suppression of unnecessary prior authorization requests

Join Jon on January 20th to discover the real-world challenges and applicable solutions that can help your providers AND patients make more informed care decisions.

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