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CenterX offers many solutions and services including an e-prescribing network, Electronic Prior Authorization, and Professional Services. Learn why you should choose CenterX and read below to see our full suite of solutions and services

Information Exchange

Medication Profiles

Gain insight into the full patient medication story with our current, complete, and clean Medication Profile.
  • Know when to reach out to non-adherent patients by receiving dispense and restock notifications within 24 hours.
  • Access data supplied by pharmacies, prescribers, and payers.
  • Quickly see a trusted medication list free of duplicates and gaps.

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Enterprise Medication Authorization

Save time completing prior authorizations using the fully automated CenterX portal. Use data from your EMR to automatically generate authorization requests and eliminate dual documentation of critical information.
  • Improve the patient experience by notifying them of prior authorization requirements before they head to the pharmacy.
  • Eliminate calls to patient, pharmacy, and health plans with automated EMR notification of authorization status and approval.
  • Access on demand authorization status tracking in CenterX portal.
  • Integrate EMR data into authorization requests to eliminate errors and duplicate effort.

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SCRIPT Message Routing

Establish basic script routing with CenterX and go beyond with our advanced adherence monitoring suite of messaging.
  • Reach any Pharmacy with an NCPDP ID.
  • Qualify for Meaningful Use, MIPPA, and HITECH incentives.
  • Enhance basic messaging with our NewRx, Rx Fill, Rx Cancel, Renewal, and Eligibility offerings.
  • Drive adherence with our advanced messaging including Cancel, Fill, and Change.
  • Send any standard message and let us convert to the proper format accepted by other exchange partners.
  • Rely on our outstanding quality assurance, complete end-to-end testing and fluid change control process.

Cost & Alternative Transparency Toolset

Confidently engage patients in meaningful conversation about their medication options armed with patient specific drug costs and alternatives.
  • Review valuable information about copays and patient out-of-pocket cost.
  • Compare medication alternatives to choose the most appropriate and affordable medication for your patient.
  • Choose the most cost-effective and convenient location for each script.

Pharmacy Benefit Eligibility

Understanding your patients’ drug prescription eligibility can guide you to the best decision for their care. With Pharmacy Benefit Eligibility, you can trust that you have the most up-to-date pharmacy benefit information for every patient.
  • See formulary information for every patient.
  • Trust the accuracy of the formulary information you see.

Data Management

Easy Auth

Manage all prior authorization aspects in a central location. CenterX integrates with existing authorization question management systems for seamless authorization administration.
  • Increase STARS ratings by improving the patient experience thereby improving adherence by as much as 30% or more.
  • Decrease authorization turn-around time by 90% or more per authorization request.
  • Evaluate script abandonment and turn-around time to make decisions that increase efficacy of prior authorization programs.
  • Reduce fax and phone volume for providers, health plan, and patients.

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Master Person Index

Cultivate and preserve a unified patient database with Master Person Index. With CenterX, trust that your records are accurate, up-to-date, and secure.
  • Realize the benefits of our innovative master patient database capable of uniquely identifying every person in the United States.
  • Customize and extend your own instances of our MPI technology in support of population health, analytics, and other big-data projects.

Formulary Systems

Manage your formularies across all business consumers with one easy-to-use portal.
  • Give users access to your formulary data and allow them to take action on-the-go with our mobile application.
  • Make edits in one place and know that all downstream systems are updated and synchronized.
  • View the entirety of the formulary before and after editing to better understand the impact of the change.
  • Let CenterX expertly provide a tailored version of your NCPDP formulary files to each of our prescribing partners.

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Automated Fax Handling

Turn faxes into electronic messages and boost communication with intelligent routing, duplicate checking, and in-workflow prioritization.
  • Clinical results, prior authorizations, and clinical messaging.
  • Count on our optical character recognition process to eliminate duplicate faxing with a patient’s care team.
  • Receive confirmation that the right person reviewed your message.
  • Secure your incentive dollars regardless of technology adoption in your region.
  • Unlike with faxes, assign appropriate priority to your electronic messages.

PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) Integration

Streamline PDMP reporting by entrusting CenterX to consolidate and manage your various state-based obligations.
  • Eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple state PDMP reporting requirements by processing output once through PDMP Integration.
  • Receive a PDMP report prior to prescribing to prevent potential abusive behavior.
  • Focus valuable development effort on other projects by letting us handle the ever-changing PDMPs.

HISP Services

Access and share patients’ medical summaries across the continuum of care. Rely on HISP Services as a trusted way to share information in accordance with industry standards.
  • Meet the transitions of care Meaningful Use requirement regardless of EMR variety among your affiliates.
  • Rely on our complete range of HISP service compatibilities: DIRECT, XDR, HPD etc.

MTM (Medication Therapy Management) Exchange

Identify MTM candidates through rich integration with your patients’ clinical care teams and their EMR platforms.
  • Schedule medication therapy appointments with timely notification of a patient’s hospital departure.
  • Obtain clinical test results and diagnoses useful for your MTM appointments.

Clinical Messaging

Quickly, noticeably, and securely communicate electronically with providers regarding compliance to increase STARS ratings.
  • Eliminate unnoticed paper communication by sending electronic messages through our service.
  • Engage providers directly within their workflow with integration to EMR task lists.

Immunization Registry Integration

Enroll in state immunization registries and gain access to your patients’ full immunization histories.
  • Report administered immunizations in a format and frequency convenient to you; we’ll handle the rest.
  • Receive an aggregate patient immunization history with information from multiple state registries.

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