Electronic Prior Authorization

“How can we lessen the administrative burden of the prior auth process on our providers and promote better access to therapy for patients?”


47% of providers reported that PAs “always” or “often” led to delays in patient care.


To lessen the administrative burden on providers and help patients get access to care sooner, health systems need a prior authorization (PA) solution that’s easier to use. 

CenterX Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) allows PAs--that once took hours--to be completed in minutes. The fully digital solution streamlines the workflow so that providers can manage PAs entirely within the EHR.

  • Reduce the time being wasted by unnecessary PAs. CenterX only initiates those PAs that are actually required with PBM-verified determination and forms. 
  • Keep the PA workflow fully digital, even if a PBM uses fax. CenterX digitizes faxes so prescribers never have to leave the EHR to manage a PA.
  • Reduce time to treatment. CenterX automatically initiates PAs at the point of the prescription order.


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