Real-Time Prescription Benefit 

“How can I make sure my patients can afford what I’m prescribing?”


As many as 50% of RTPB queries can return no data, incomplete data or non-patient-specific data.


Providers need to know out-of-pocket costs and alternatives when prescribing to involve patients in determining the treatment that's most clinically and financially appropriate. 

CenterX Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB) provides prescription information your providers can use to improve medication adherence. CenterX RTPB offers coverage as a stand-alone network. If you have an existing network, CenterX can be added to that network to address data gaps and provide advanced capabilities. Advanced capabilities--including prescription cost to plan and your pharmacy's pricing--can further support treatment decision making and your health system's goals.

  • Improve the identification of your patients’ prescription benefit eligibility. CenterX has helped health systems using Epic identify over 90% of patients.

  • Close the PBM coverage gap in your existing RTPB network—that can be as high as 50%. CenterX has the largest PBM network, including Medicaid.

  • Ensure the data displayed meets both provider and health system needs. CenterX partners with PBMs to enhance RTPB query responses to display the data health systems want. 

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