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May 1, 2023

EHR-integrated medication financial assistance enrollment is now live

CenterX has successfully launched its medication financial assistance enrollment solution in a pilot program with Essentia Health to help reduce one of the most persistent barriers to a patient’s ability to access critical therapy – the enrollment process for medication financial assistance programs.Medication financial assistance programs use multiple platforms that, makes finding appropriate programs and getting patient enrollment applications submitted a time-intensive task for system staff who want to help patients who need financial assistance. In some cases, it can take weeks before patients receive coverage approval and medication financial assistance information. 

As an EHR-integrated solution, CenterX’s medication financial assistance enrollment suggests appropriate programs for each patient, prepopulates enrollment forms to expedite the process, and coordinates review and signature capture across clinical staff members of the patient’s care team. This makes it easier, faster and more efficient for health system providers to help patients get the financial assistance they need to start treatment. Talk to CenterX about how EHR-integrated medication financial assistance enrollment can get your patients the help they need to immediately start and stay on life-saving treatment. 


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