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Real-Time Prescription Benefit
Make informed medication decisions at the point of care

More than 70% of physician office visits involve reviewing or prescribing medications for a patient, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.1  Enable informed prescribing decisions with accurate, reliable, patient-specific benefits data delivered within the provider workflow. Maximize patient savings by leveraging a dedicated team and tools that allow for more effective use of RTPB data.

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Is your RTPB solution living up to its promise?

Many health systems have implemented an RTPB solution – often with lackluster results. Gaps in benefit plan coverage and lack of reporting tools and expertise to maximize the solution’s impact lead to missed opportunities to create value from RTPB

Experience the CenterX difference

Prior authorization avoidance

Payer data shows that CenterX RTPB and ePA tools reduced PAs by 38%. Avoiding PAs, when possible, gets patients on therapy faster.2

Up to $22,722 savings in just one click3

Give providers the tools needed to make a meaningful impact on patient’s out of pocket costs. Prescribers can easily choose from drug alternatives covered under the patient’s benefits to minimize patient copays.

Satisfied customers 

“In real time, the product is offering our providers the information they need on the cost of a patient’s outpatient prescriptions and alternative therapies, pharmacies, and day supply. The information is all very good and is provided at the right point in the workflow.” — Manager4

Benefit transparency solutions tailored for your needs

Enhance benefit transparency

Access accurate, patient-specific information  your providers can trust and increase RTPB adoption.

Behavioral Impact Reporting

Identify cost-savings opportunities for your organization and patients with advanced reporting capabilities.

Experienced, long-term client support

Get maximum value from your solution with data-driven guidance from our experienced account management team.

Ready to get started?

Find out how our integrated technology solutions can remove obstacles to medication access for your patients.
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