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Real-time prescription benefit (RTPB) network with streamlined electronic prior authorization (ePA) — seamlessly integrated within your EHR.
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Leading health systems turn to CenterX’s RTPB and ePA solutions to eliminate prescription benefit data gaps and streamline PA workflows.


Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Help patients access clinically appropriate prescriptions by giving providers complete, patient-specific pricing and benefit information at the point of care.

Electronic Prior Authorization

Reduce your health system's prior authorization administrative burden with a fully digital ePA solution, managed entirely within your EHR.
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Prescription decision support that delivers on your health system priorities

Treatment Delays


hours per week are spent by physicians and their staff completing PAs.‡

Medication Adherence


of hospital admissions and 1/3rd of adverse drug events resulting in admission are caused by patient nonadherence.*†

Administrative Burden


of providers report that current prior authorization processes are a high or extremely high burden.‡

* Mongkhon P, Ashcroft DM, Scholfield N, et al. Hospital Admissions Associated with Medication Non-adherence: A Systematic Review of Prospective Observational Studies. BMJ Quality & Safety, 2018.

† McDonnell, Patrick & Jacobs, Michael. Hospital Admissions Resulting from Preventable Adverse Drug Reactions. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 2002.

‡ AMA Prior Authorization (PA) Physician Survey. American Medical Association, 2019.

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