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Electronic Prior Authorization 
Speed medication access with an integrated prior authorization workflow

The average physician’s office performs 45 prior authorizations in a week, according to the American Medical Association.1  Avoid starting unnecessary PAs and streamline completing the necessary ones with tools integrated into your EHR workflows. With CenterX ePA, spend less time on prior authorizations and more time on patient care.

electric prior authorization ePA health system

Still using faxes, phone calls and portals?

88% of providers say that the burden associated with PAs is high or extremely high.1  CenterX first keeps users from starting unnecessary medication PAs then uses digital tools integrated in the EHR to reduce the amount of time spent completing, managing, and communicating about prior authorizations.

Experience the CenterX difference

Average of 17,000 hours a month saved across clients through prior authorization avoidance2

Eliminating unnecessary prior authorization requests saves staff time and allows patients to receive a clinically appropriate medication faster.

Complete required PAs faster

Not all PAs can be avoided, but the work can be done faster. Switching to CenterX ePA from a portal workflow saved 28 minutes per PA according to customer data.3

Keep users out of external portals

Keep users in the EHR, no matter the payer or PA processor, for significant time savings and better communication across the care team.

ePA that supports your workflow

ePA across payers

Reduce complexity with a single workflow and toolset for your users regardless of payer.

Reduce unnecessary PAs

Save your users time and get medications to patients faster with built-in tools that prevent users from starting unnecessary PAs.

Tools customized to your workflow

Not all organizations have the same PA processes. Experienced client support teams will guide configuration to support your organization’s needs.


Ready to get started?

Find out how our integrated technology solutions can remove obstacles to medication access for your patients.

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