November 23, 2020

Kettering Electronic Health Record | CenterX

Solution provides physicians with patient-specific prescription benefit information and medication cost transparency at the point of care.

Madison, WI. (November 23, 2020) – CenterX, a part of AmerisourceBergen, announced today that it implemented its new real-time prescription benefit (RTPB) solution within Kettering Health Network’s Epic electronic health record (EHR). The solution—which is built into the e-prescribing workflow—provides physicians access to patient-specific benefits and cost information at the point of care, allowing them to view the out-of-pocket price for a medication before they order the prescription.

Between 20 to 30 percent of prescriptions are never filled, according to recent studies. With the updated RTPB solution, physicians will now have access to complete benefits data for all patients, including those whose insurance status is unknown in their EHR. After physicians select a medication, the solution will display the price and coverage information, as well as pricing at other pharmacies and medications in a similar treatment class which the physician could consider as potential alternatives.

CenterX Kettering RTPB App

Kettering Health Network—a network of nine hospitals, 13 emergency departments and more than 200 outpatient facilities serving western Ohio—is among the first health systems to use the CenterX app, which enables health systems to select additional RTPB and electronic prior authorization (ePA) features based on their specific needs. The solution is available in the Epic App Orchard for all health systems that have an Epic EHR. CenterX has implemented its ePA or RTPB solutions, or both, at nearly 30 health systems nationwide that support 100,000 prescribers.

“Cost transparency at the point of e-prescribing allows physicians to provide their patients with important information regarding medication affordability, which ultimately may help to improve adherence,” said Matt Schaefer, president of CenterX. “We’ve worked with health systems to understand the features required to save time, eliminate redundancy, improve script capture and, most importantly, help ensure patients can access the medications they need. We’re passionate about integrated, efficient workflows for providers and we’re thrilled to implement this solution within Kettering. We look forward to working with other health systems nationwide to provide a more seamless process from prescribing through prior authorization.”

Many health systems and health care facilities add RTPB solutions to their EHR so physicians can determine if a patient’s benefits cover the medication before they order the prescription. RTPB involves a number of components, including patient eligibility and access to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). If there are gaps in benefits information or PBM coverage, physicians may not receive a response, or may receive an incomplete or non-patient specific response.

CenterX aims to reduce information gaps by working with health systems to identify verified benefits information for all patients and by using its real-time network connections to all PBMs. The RTPB solution, coupled with CenterX’s ePA solution, offers health systems an expanded view of benefits information. After selecting a treatment, but prior to ordering a prescription, physicians will have access to patient-specific information, including the total copay cost to the patient and prior authorization requirements for the intended therapy. The ePA solution streamlines the workflow for all PA requests, in part by using data to automatically populate and submit PA forms, ultimately reducing administrative burden and time to treatment.

“We are excited to offer a service that allows patients to know the cost of their medications before leaving the physician office,” said Jim O’Donnell executive director of Pharmacy Services at Kettering Health Network. “We will be one of the first health networks in the country to offer this unique tool that provides full drug cost transparency to patients at the time of prescribing. The ultimate goal is to improve patient access to needed medications. This is another example of Kettering Health Network’s patient centered approaching of improving care.”
CenterX’s RTPB can offer complete prescription benefit information coverage as a stand-alone network or as an addition to an existing RTPB network. The solution can also be configured to help a health system’s transitions, meds-to-beds, and medication therapy management teams further improve patient medication adherence.

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